Academic Articles and Book Contributions 

Other Publications Include

A contributed chapter to ‘Rome and China: Points of Contact’, ed. Hyun Jin Kim, (Routledge, 2019)

A published chapter in The Indian Ocean in Antiquity’, ed. M. A. Cobb, (Routledge, 2019)

Completed Book Reviews for The Cambridge Classical Review:

Review of: ‘F. De Romanis, M. Maiuro (edd.) Across the Ocean: Nine Essays on Indo-Mediterranean Trade’. The Classical Review, Volume 66, Issue 01 (2016).

Review of: ‘Coedès, Texts of Greek and Latin Authors on the Far East from the 4th C.B.C.E. to the 14th C.C.E. I. Texts and Translations’. The Classical Review, Volume 64, Issue 02 (2014) 514-516.


Section on Roman Trade:‘The Monsoon Trade to India and the Periploi’ in Parker, The Great Trade Routes: A History of Cargoes and Commerce Over Land and Sea (Conway, 2012) 79-83.

e-book chapter: ‘Silk Ties: Ancient Rome and China’ in China and the West: From the Ming to Mao (History Today, 2012)

Published Articles in HISTORY TODAY MAGAZINE

When all Roads Led to Palmyra’ History Today (July 2016).
‘African Legions: Rome and Meroe’ History Today (May 2014).
‘Galen and the Great Fire’ History Today (September 2011).
‘The Lure of the Orient’, History Today (August 2010).
‘Silk Ties: Ancient Rome and China’, History Today (December 2007).


‘The Roman Empire and Ancient Ireland’ History Ireland (March 2012).

~~~~ AND CURRENTLY ~~~~ 

Completing a volume for Pen & Sword : ‘The Roman Empire and the Oasis Kingdoms’ 

Researching a volume on: ‘Ancient Ireland and the Roman Empire’

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