I’m a founder member of the Classical Association in Northern Ireland and assist with the organisation of meetings and events.

I’m also a council member of the Classical Association of Ireland (CAI) and Associate Editor of their academic journal: ‘Classics Ireland’

I was educated at Lagan College in Belfast, the first cross-community integrated school to be established in Northern Ireland. The College was founded during a period of serious civil unrest know as‘The Troubles’to offer young people of all backgrounds an education free from the divisions of culture, religion, race, gender or social class. I owe a lot to the ethos of the teaching staff at that time under the leadership of School Principal, the historian Dr. Brian Lambkin.

BA – Ancient History & Archaeology
MA – Ancient History: Imperial Economy and Trade
PhD – Roman Economy and Trade beyond Imperial Frontiers

I attended Queen’s University in Belfast to study for an undergraduate degree in Archaeology and Ancient History, followed by a Master’s Degree in the Economy of the Roman Empire focusing on trade beyond the frontiers. I received funding from the Northern Ireland Department of Education and Learning for the early stages of my doctoral research into the Economy of Imperial Roman Trade, especially Eastern trade. My doctoral supervisor was Dr John Curran and I was subsequently offered the opportunity to teach tutorial classes in Republican Roman and Classical Greek History at Queen’s.

~~~ AND ALSO ~~~

  • Published a chapter in The Indian Ocean in Antiquity, ed. M. A. Cobb, (Routledge, 2019)
    Contributed a chapter to the edited book: Rome and China: Points of Contact, ed. Hyun Jin Kim, (Routledge, 2019)
    Completing a volume for Pen & Sword : ‘The Roman Empire and the Oasis Kingdoms’ 
    Currently researching for a volume on: ‘Ancient Ireland and the Roman Empire’

I’ve created several University Teaching Modules based on my published research – copies available to download on request

At present I’m funding my ongoing research by working in a Clinical Care Home providing Specialist Nursing Care for residents with complex medical needs and for those living with Dementia or Learning Disabilities (June 2016 – present time).